Turkish Bath EVERYDAY

Turkish Bath EVERYDAY

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One of the truly unmissable experiences of a trip to Turkey is a visit to the hamam (Turkish Baths). Like the harem, this Roman and Byzantine tradition was adopted and then perfected by the Selcuk Turks. The Turkish baths has also turned into a place of relaxation where friends can socialise.

The true benefits of Turkish Baths are unbelievable. The ancient Turkish traditions show that Turkish baths can increase circulation and help you to gain an all over tan.

A person taking a Turkish bath first relaxes in a room that is heated by a continuous flow of hot, dry air allowing the bather to perspire freely. Bathers may then move to an even hotter room before being cooled with cold water. After performing a full body wash and scrub you will receive a massage with special materials and soap bubbles (specialist massages available on request). Bathers finally retire to the cooling room for a period prior to experiencing the oil massage (optional extra) that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The Turkish bath will leave you feeling invigorated from head to toe!

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